Course details

Tashu "Goku" course (11 dishes) 4,300 yen

Tashu "Goku" course (11 dishes) 4,300 yen

4730 yen(Tax included)

  • 11items
  • 2-30persons

Course menu

◆Top-quality Japanese beef offal hot pot

(Miso, soy sauce, spicy, Japanese soup stock)

Please choose your favorite pot.

◆ Salad

◆4 types of individual servings (vinegared beef offal, crunchy cucumber, green perilla flavored mentaiko, Chinese cabbage kimchi)

◆Assorted horse sashimi (marbled/loin)

◆Simmered beef cheek

◆Additional offal/vegetables

◆ Finishing noodles

◆Mini monaka ice cream (brown sugar soybean flour)

Available days for reservation
Monday to Sunday, holidays, days before holidays
Length of stay
2 hours
Reservation deadline
Until 22:00 on the day of your visit

2024/04/03 update